Mercenary for hire

Like in the wild west - provide me resources, and a mercenary will do anything to achieve your goals. But remember, we’re talking about Software Engineering area only. ;)

Full-time Engineer

currently not available

As a mercenary, I can work with a full-time B2B contract. Software Engineering, DevOps, Architect services included.

Part-time Engineer


With limited weekly time and availability of up to 20 hours, I'm open for part-time Software Craftsmanship and DevOps projects.

Expertise & Consulting


You want to consult, seek a tech schooling or an advice in your project or idea? You have probably found a good person.

You can send me an email, if you want to talk about details! The first rough project quota is a free bonus. ;)

Trusted technologies

I develop software using the best and most cutting edge technologies. The priority is always to use a proper tool for specific project.


Using Symfony and Doctrine I can develop cutting edge apps - PHP is not dead!


Fast and simple development for web apps with Django or data science with TensorFlow.

JS Frontend

Frontend for typical backend dev is always hard. But with VueJS nothing is impossible.


JavaScript on backend? Some say, it's blasphemy. Others - just a project requirement.


Google's lovely child can do amazing things when used for right purposes. Wanna try?


The must have IaaS for every startup. Devops love it. Developers love it. And You will too.


The greatest containerization tool amongst all. Unified development and production environment. Easy deployment.


Almost no app can exist without it. I'm using PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis and more - anything to achieve Your goal.


Last but not least! Of course I love Linux! The first choice for client's application environment, or build server.

But there’s more…

Of course it is not the full list of skills and technologies I know! Almost all of them, which are worthy mentioning are contained on the list below! Maybe something will catch your eye?

  • Languages - PHP, Python, Node.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, Golang, Elixir, HTML, CSS, Bash
  • Server OS - Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Archlinux, Fedora, RedHat)
  • Web Frameworks - Symfony, Laravel, Django, Express.js, NestJS, Vue.js, React.js, Gin, Phoenix, Bootstrap, Semantic UI, Hugo
  • Other Frameworks - Doctrine, Eloquent, GORM, Sequelize, TypeORM, Ecto, TensorFlow, Keras,, gRPC, ElasticSearch
  • Testing tools - PHPUnit, PHPSpec, Behat, Robohydra, Ginkgo, PyTest, ExUnit, Mocha, Jest, Protractor, Selenium
  • DevOps tools - AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Vagrant, LXC, Jenkins, Google Cloud, Scaleway, GitlabCI, TravisCI, Bitbucket Pipelines, Nginx, Logstash, Sentry, Nagios, Grafana, Terraform, CloudFlare
  • Other tools - Git, RabbitMQ, AWS SQS, jQuery, Twig, Redux
  • Databases - MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, AWS DynamoDB
  • Architecture - REST, CQRS, DDD, TDD, BDD, Hexagonal/Clean Architecture, Backend For Frontend (BFF), Microservices
  • Methodologies - Scrum, Kanban, Agile

You don’t see your tool or tech, that maybe You want to use in your project? Well, I’m a fast learner, and very open for new stuff! Contact me if you want to learn more!