In the web they call me lapisangularis, and I’m a Software Enginner. I’m doing some things over the internet.

In real, my name is Przemek Nowakowski, living a comfy life in Poland. My job is mainly Software Engineering. I’m doing it for several years now, and I did it from development, through devops to project management and mentoring. I’m a self-employed Mercenary Engineer, you could say - in a one person company called cyberforged. I’m a coder, hacker, wannabe scientist. I like keeping things simple.

As cyberforged, I’m offering you Software Craftsmanship Services. If you have a project for development or technical management, feel free to contact me. I’ll get in touch with you, and either send you the free project quota, or recommend some other software development company. Well, I’m just one person, I’m not always free for another project. And not all projects are suited for one developer.

If you’re a technical person (or not!) I highly recommend you visiting my personal webpage, where you can find contact information for non-job related topics. Also there are some (mostly engineering stuff) articles and blog posts. Thank you and welcome!